Helpful Tips for Enjoying Your Visit to the Festival

  • Arrive Early, Especially for Live Entertainment

    Festival gates open daily at 10:00 a.m. Every day for each of the headline entertainer concerts (3:30 and 7:30 p.m.) on the Wish Farms Soundstage, there will be free seating available on a first come, first seated basis in the EYE EXPRESS Free Grand Stand.

  • Bring Your Camera

    You’ll want to capture all the fun in pictures for years to come, so don’t leave your camera at home. The friendly folks at Images Everywhere will be on hand to take special keepsake photos of your Festival visit. They will be located at Gate 1, Gate 5, Gate 13, Gate 14 and Gate 16.

  • Buy Concert Tickets

    Once the Festival has opened, reserved seating tickets for the headline entertainers appearing on the Wish Farms Soundstage will be available for sale at the ticket office adjacent to the east side of the bleachers and the Amscot Main Ticket Gate. Tickets can also be purchased online and at the ticket office beginning mid-November.

  • Change A Diaper

    There are diaper-changing facilities located in all Potillo Restrooms on the grounds.  Nursing stations can be found at Gate 16 and West of the Hull Armory building behind the gazebo.

  • Credit Cards Accepted

    MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express are accepted at each gate for admission, for tickets on the Midway, and many of our vendors and crafters accept credit cards for purchases on-site.

  • Check the Weather Forecast

    Be sure to check local weather forecasts, and plan to bring a jacket, hat or sunscreen as appropriate.

  • Come Hungry

    In addition to our famous strawberry shortcake, throughout the Festival you will find dozens upon dozens of tantalizing treats to tempt your taste buds.

  • Leave Coolers and Picnic Baskets at Home

    NO bottles, cans, coolers or picnic baskets are permitted inside the gates.

  • Leave Pets at Home

    Dogs and/or other animals are not allowed on the Festival grounds unless they are a service or guide dog, non-human primate or animals in a show or contest. Certified trainers (with ID stating same) of companion dogs/animals will be allowed.

  • Lost & Found

    If you’ve lost someone or something during your visit, all lost persons and property will be safely cared for in the Lost & Found caboose sponsored by Dish. The bright red caboose is located near the east side of the Main Exhibit Building.

  • Note Where You Parked

    Take a moment to familiarize yourself with your surroundings when you arrive at the Festival. Go to the nearest information booth by the gate where you entered the grounds to pick up a map. Make note of the gate through which you enter, as it’s much easier to write it down when you arrive than to remember after a long day. You can also make note of your parking location on our free app! Simply search “Florida Strawberry Festival” in the iTunes app store.

  • Pick A Meeting Place

    Upon arrival at the Festival, decide on a meeting place in case you and your party become separated. Consider the Giant Ferris Wheel or the VOSKOS® Greek Yogurt Supermarket Showcase Tent as a meeting point; they’re highly visible, brightly colored and easy to find.  If you do get lost or separated, ask a police officer to escort you, or report to the Lost & Found caboose for assistance. The Lost & Found caboose is sponsored by Florida ReBath and is located near the east side of the Main Exhibit Building.

  • Pick Up A Map

    Maps of the Festival are available at the information booths which are located throughout the grounds near the gate entrances and in the Main Exhibit Building.

  • Plan Your Visit

    When you arrive, be sure to pick up a daily schedule (on the reverse side of the map) so you can plan your day. They’re available at the information booths sponsored by UNCOMMON USA. Our daily schedule can also be found on the free Florida Strawberry Festival app.

  • Rent A Stroller Or A Wheelchair

    A limited number of strollers, wagons, wheelchairs and motorized scooters can be rented near Gates 1, 14, 16 & the Tour Bus Lot.  A drivers license will be held as a deposit.  All rentals are cash only, and pricing is as follows:

    • Stroller = $10
    • Wheelchair = $15
    • Wagon = $15
    • Motorized Scooter = $50 for the entire day, or $35 after 5pm
  • Wash Your Hands

    For your health and safety, the Florida Strawberry Festival team reminds you to wash your hands throughout the day, especially before leaving the restrooms, animal areas and pavilions.

  • Wear Comfortable Shoes

    For your comfort and safety, we recommend that you wear low, close-toed shoes.

  • Need More Info?

    If you have other questions not listed on this page, please give us a call at 813-752-9194.  One of our Festival team members will be happy to assist you.