Sponsored By: Click Heat

lost&foundYou’ll want to choose a meeting place as soon as you arrive at the Florida Strawberry Festival®. Consider the Giant Ferris Wheel or the Publix Showcase Tent; both are brightly colored and easy to find. With all the excitement, it’s easy for a group to become separated, so please be sure to use caution and take small children by the hand at all times.

If you become lost or separated from your party or from your belongings, please see the nearest law enforcement officer for help or go directly to the Lost & Found caboose, sponsored by Click Heat, for immediate assistance. Any missing persons or recovered items will be held there for safe keeping until they can be reunited with their group.

*The Lost & Found Caboose is located at the East end of the Parke Building directly across from the Stingray Chevrolet Entertainment Tent.*

Again, please be aware of your surroundings, and make your time with us at the Florida Strawberry Festival safe and enjoyable.